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A new engagement channel that's staring your customers

in the face.

Bringing the best of digital into physical form,

and presenting your customers with a curated

next purchase selection.

Precisely when they are most engaged and excited.

Talk to your customers when they are delighted and 100% focused on your brand.

This point of maximum attention is the point of delivery, when your customer tears open their parcel.

The Hachikō book is a completely personalised catalogue, printed in-line with your pick, pack and despatch process.


It uses your customers' purchase, browsing and basket behaviour to deliver a dynamically personalised book, placed within their parcel.










Welcome new or thank existing customers, talk about their choices, product care and highlight newness. Add in offers and promotions, or say whatever you like. A Hachiko book can be their very own personal shopper.



Grab attention and keep it with a friendly greeting. Copy can be curated for your separate customer types.


Intelligent Relevance

Present your customers with a curated selection of products based on purchase, basket and browsing behaviour. Built around your logic choices and next best action analysis, to combine with your existing recommendation engine.

Open the box.jpg

Think inside the box

This is the most intimate customer touchpoint from an online sale, and the best time to trigger that all important next purchase.


Brand imagery

We allow the space to talk about whatever you want, on pretty much whatever paper you like and up to A4 in size. Beautifully presented and printed to ISO FOGRA certified standards with the ability to simulate foil blocking and pantone colours.



With our hyper personalisation engine, not only can you deliver the perfectly curated offer, but you can also invite your customers to their local store, announce previews and events.


Introducing Hachiko fetch – All the benefits of Hachiko but in the post.




Hachikō have teamed up with OnePost allowing brands to take advantage of Hachikō Personalisation at other parts of the sales funnel.

This is perfect for triggered campaigns for when email isn’t doing the trick, for example if you have a customer who is no longer opening his email, you can send him a book. Additionally with Direct Mail specifically listed as a legitimate interest within GDPR, hachikō fetch allows you to reconnect with customers who may have opted out of email.

Hachikō fetch works with your existing CRM system using triggers to automatically send Hachikō books s part of your marketing automation campaigns such as:

  • Welcome Programs

  • Lapsing

  • Reactivation

  • Reminder to buy (not yet bought)

  • Email replacement

  • Store openings and events

  • DM testing

  • Intro to DM

  • Loyalty

  • VIP


About us

We Are Hachiko began in 2017, and is a privately owned business led by two of its founding directors, Will Dymott and Matt Booker.

Will has over 20 years retail marketing experience working at a senior and board level for businesses such as Boden, Fat Face, Lyle & Scott and Conran, most recently Will headed up the customer insight practice at international retail consultancy Practicology.

Matt is also the founding director of Cousin, a print production agency based in London & Hong Kong, who work with over 70 premium lifestyle brands around the world.

About Hachiko

Hachiko was a dog who lived near Shibuya station in Tokyo, and would walk to the station every day to meet his master.

One day his master died while at work, but every day for the next 10 years Hachiko went to the station and waited for his return.

Today Hachiko is a national hero to the Japanese, honoured for his remarkable loyalty and devotion.

Case Studies


Increase in demand

19.4 : 1



Increase in response



Numbers speak volumes

Hachiko comes to you with a zero risk price per print model, continual optimisation and transparent reporting.


It’s a new engagement channel that lets you engage with your customers at the point of unboxing when they are 100% focused on your brand, with all the retention benefits of a printed book.


Hachiko can transform your growth and acquisition strategy, bringing a new pipeline for cash generation while increasing customer loyalty and LTV.

Contact us to see our latest case study.



Get in touch for case studies, samples, advice or an integration proposal detailing how Hachiko can work for you.


Or pop into our showroom next to Tower Bridge for a live demo.


We Are Hachiko Limited

4th Floor

43 Tanner Street

London SE1 3PL, UK


+44 (0)203 816 0886

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